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When you require large capacity and second-to-none accuracy, Thermadie is your answer. With capacity over 23 feet long and 10 feet wide with close to unlimited weight, we machine to accuracies thought only possible on smaller parts and components. Experienced in most tooling industries, there’s no need to go anywhere else with your machining needs.

Metal Forming

From quantities of fifty to millions, our presses and production techniques competitively produce precision metal stampings and assemblies to meet your requirements. Thermadie has run many production stamping jobs, including heavy gauge material, HSLA and difficult to run programs from very low to med-high quantities for both short-term and long-term cycles. We provide in-house precision

Tool and Die

We make tools others can’t; where others are limited by size and weight we are just getting started. Thermadie has experience in traditional North American tooling and with casting tools when a competitive edge is needed. We provide transfer, progressive, hand-stamping tooling designed and manufactured from casting of traditional block or a hybrid of both